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Experimental Ecology : Issues and Perspectives
by William J. Resetarits (Editor), Joseph Bernardo (Editor)

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Hardcover (June 1998)
Oxford Univ Press; ISBN: 019510241X Sales Rank: 341,866

Table of Contents
01     Ecological Experiments and a Research Program in Community Ecology Earl E. Werner
02     Ecological Experiments: Scale, Phenomenology, Mechanism, and the Illusion of Generality Arthur E. Dunham Steven J. Beaupre
03     Realism, Precision, and Generality in Experimental Ecology Peter J. Morin
04     The Desert Granivory Experiments at Portal James H. Brown
05     Experimental Compromise and Mechanistic Approaches to the Evolutionary Ecology of Interacting Daphnia Species Mathew A. Leibold Alan J. Tessier
06     Experimentation, Observation, and Inference in River and Watershed Investigations Mary E. Power William E. Dietrich Kathleen O. Sullivan
07     From Cattle Tanks to Carolina Bays: The Utility of Model Systems for Understanding Natural Communities William J. Resetarits Jr. John E. Fauth
08     Have Field Experiments Aided in the Understanding of Abundance and Dynamics of Temperate Reef Fishes? Sally J. Holbrook Russell J. Schmitt
09     Ecological Experiments with Model Systems: The Ecotron Facility in Context John H. Lawton
10     How Can We Compare the Importance of  Ecological Processes If We Never Ask, "Compared to What?" Peter S. Petraitis
11     Insights and Application of Large-Scale, Long-Term Ecological Observations and Experiments David M. Lodge Steven C. Blumenshine
            Yvonne Vadeboncoeur
12     Ecology in a Bottle: Using Microcosms to Test Theory Sharon P. Lawler
13     The Interplay between Natural History and Field Experimentation Gary A. Polis David H. Wise Stephen D. Hurd Francisco Sanchez Pinero
            James D. Wagner Christopher Todd Jackson Joseph D. Barnes
14     Using Models to Enhance the Value of Information from Observations and Experiments Elizabeth A. Marschall Bernadette M. Roche
15     Experimental Approaches to Studying the Population Dynamics and Evolution of Microorganisms J.A. Mongold
16     The Dual Role of Experiments in Complex and Dynamic Natural Systems Barbara L. Peckarsky
17     Design, Implementation and Analysis of Ecological and Environmental Experiments: Pitfalls in the Maintenance of Logical Structures A.J. Underwood
18     The Motivation for and Context of Experiments in Ecology J. Timothy Wootton Catherine A. Pfister
19     The Logic, Value, and Necessity of Grounding Experiments in Reality: an Essential Link in the Inferential Chain Back to Nature Joseph Bernardo
20     Investigating Geographic Variation in Interactions Using Common Garden Experiments John E. Fauth
21     Revelations and Limitations of the Experimental Approach for the Study of Plant-Animal Interactions Robert J. Marquis Christopher J. Whelan
22     Experimental Approaches to the Study of Evolution Joseph Travis David N. Reznick

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